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Originally Posted by pokemontrainerroxas View Post
One of the best hacks ever, also i got chaomega by saying no to the guy in the tower of fate is that normal?

Originally Posted by Damned View Post
I thought he said after this game he was done with ROM hacking because of real life.
I don't remember ever saying that though. :\
Yes, it's possible for me to stop ROM Hacking but, even if that day comes, I'll still be hanging around in the "who's online" page. xD

Originally Posted by hackstar View Post
hey dgr should make a new hack of ruby destiny series with 6th generation pokemon ....because new pokemon will be quite match with his hack....and I believe you should go for it dr!!!

Originally Posted by Damned View Post
OK, so I just got surf and started re-checking all the routes that needed surf in order to completely check them out. I went by the Tower of Fate and I found the Pyro Strike and Pain Strike TMs. I checked them and found out how extremely powerful they were and was more than happy to start using them on my Charizard and my Froslass. But then, when I was using these moves, I started realizing just how overpowered these moves are. I mean, look at the original moves by Nintendo, moves with 140-180 base power all have some kind of drawback, whether it be low accuracy, taking recoil damage, lowering stats by 2 stages, or requiring a turn to charge up. These moves however have virtually no drawbacks whatsoever (and not to mention Pain Strike does NOT hit 2-5 times like the TM description says it does.).

Look, I'm not saying I hate using pokemon and using movesets that allow them to use insanely powerful attacks. In fact, I'm hoping to get Sunny Day on my Charizard to make his Flamethrower move extremely powerful, from STAB/ 50% boost from Sunny Weather, and his high base stat in Special Attack. But I just feel that using these custom made TMs with Blizzard like power, but Ice Beam like drawbacks is just going to cheapen the experience to the point where there is no challenge left whatsoever. I've also gotten Deep Water and Bug Strike and it seems to be a pattern that so far you made these extremely powerful attacks for every type in the game. I like the idea of creating an "ultimate move" for each type of pokemon, but the fact that the ones I have encountered so far are all very similar to one another seems to suggest that every move is like this, and if that is the case, it seems lazy to do something like that.

I'm only just got my fifth badge, I haven't encountered the rest of these "Ultimate Moves", and I do not know how difficult it is to edit TMs but I think it would have been much better if each ultimate move of each type had a different effect rather than just "Super High Base Power with only a slight accuracy drop from moves like flamethrower". For example, the Steel-type could've had a move with, lets say 100 base power that raises defense and special defense by two stages, and it has 90% accuracy. Ice types could have a 130 base power/ 95% accuracy move that requires a turn to charge, but inflicts the freeze status 60% of the time. Fighting types could have a 150 base power 75% accuracy move that has a critical hit chance two stages higher than normal (Which would be around 25% if my math is correct). Bug type pokemon's ultimate move could be a +2 priority attack with 95 base power/ 90% accuracy that raises evasion by two stages.

Maybe all my previous assumptions are wrong but from what I seem so far, all these moves seems to be ultimately the same, which is not only disappointing from a creativity standpoint, but also from a difficulty standpoint, as these moves have ridiculous base power with little to no drawbacks (Sorry, 80% accuracy just doesn't seem to be quite enough). Maybe what I suggested above is not possible to hack TMs to make them do, but I just feel as though this was a really nice idea that you had, but was just unfortunately met with bad execution.
I made those so pipz can have an easy life beating the bosses in the game. :\

Originally Posted by Damned View Post
Hey DJG,

I just wanted to know something about the 4 different paths that you can take throughout the game. How do you get each one and is there 4 in total or are there more?

You can start the branching when you finally got your 5 badges (again).
just talk to the pink/yellow/whatever-color-it-is pyramid in the game~

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