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Hello all, I am a fresh noob to these forums. Anyways, I am very ignorant when it comes to team building. I usually just pick who I want and go with the flow of battling. I am not the worst and not the best, I am looking to participate in the events that are offered on the GL and possibly score high enough. Also, I am looking to participate in community events or just casual Wi-Fi battles. I am pretty sure what Pokemon I would like to use, but not sure if they are the best and how well they can work together.

My first big question: Does it matter how many sweepers/tanks/walls I should have? I know I shouldn't have a team of all, but is it okay to have more than one? I know for the tournaments it is bring 6 pick 4.

If it were up to me, I'd bring 6 in and choose 1 Physical Sweeper, 1 Special Sweeper, a Mixed Wall, and maybe a Tank/Annoyer.

Anyways, I don't have a set strat, but I ususally pick Pokemon that I like to use and are "cool". As you can tell, I LOVE Arcanine. By far my favorite.

So my Pokemon Team would be as follows:

1.) Arcanine; Physical Sweeper (252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 Defence EV's)
Moveset: Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Morning Sun, and Flare Blitz/Extremespeed/Crunch
Nature: Adamant
Held Item: Flame Plate?
Ability: Intimidate

2.) Alakazam; Special Sweeper (252 Sp. Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP EV's)
Moveset: Psychic, Recover, Focus Blast, Calm Mind/Shadow Ball
Held Item:Focus Sash
Ability: Magic Guard

3.) Milotic; Mixed Wall (252 HP, 128 Sp. Defence, 128 Defence, 2 Sp. Attack EV's)
Moveset: Recover, Hydro Pump, Scald, Toxic/Aqua Ring
Nature: Bold
Held Item: Leftovers
Ability: Marvel Scale

4.) Bronzong; Tank/Another Mixed Wall/Annoyer (252 Sp. Defence, 252 Defence EV's)
Moveset: Explosion, Trick Room, Toxic, Confuse Ray/Protect
Nature: Relaxed
Held Item: Quick Claw/Shell Bell
Ability: Levitate

I like using Arcanine physically because his base Attack is higher than his Sp. Attack. Alakazam obviously for his OU Sp. Attack and Speed, he is a devil on the battlefield. Milotic because she can take hits and still heal herself making her a headache. Bronzong can be another royal pain and can use Explosion to get a free rotation in. However, like I have been saying, I am not too sure how well these guys can work together.

As far as others I may want to switch around would be Kingdra, Gliscor, Salamence, Zoroark, Lucario, Arcanine as a Special Sweeper, Suicune, Cobalion, Braviary, and many others....

IV's for my team would hopefully as high as I can breed to and hopefully max out their respective EV'd stats.

Any positive criticism and feedback is greatly appreciated! (: