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    "...but you’re going to get yourself killed if you keep pushing things the way you are now." Allora had said after taking a staunch post in front of the group. Astrid felt the Nine-Tails was right, something was wrong with Paladin and it wasn't healthy for him to be on this quest while ill. Astrid felt a little paralysed and intimidated by the courage of Allora. Astrid herself wasn't one to protest, at least not protest in the view of others, she usually did it in her head or in a mumble. The outspokenness of the Nine-Tails was admirable.

    Astrid nearly forgot her position in the group, she was a healer after all; it would only be natural if she volunteered to help, so she did. "Allora, if Paladin persists we continue to travel, like he is, I'll watch after him. I designate myself as his personal escort and watcher of his health. I have a variety of herbs, potions, drinks and medicines here in my satchel," the Lilligant pats the satchel at her side. "I'll keep him as healthy as my power will allow me," Astrid smiled softly, hoping her words had some reinforcement to them. "Although, I have a hunch that this isn't anything that can be cured by traditional means. If it's something with his mind, like it seems to be, then we should seek out the aid of a powerful psychic, or someone that has more knowledge that us in the mind. This is just an educated guess, I assure you," her voice was quiet only speaking to Allora and Paladin, "but it might help. I am no expert I was just educated in the ways of traditional herbal and produced medicines." Astrid took her place back beside Paladin, patting the arm of the Golurk and smiling at Allora once more. "You have my word," she motioned to her chest, where her heart would be.

    She hoped her gallantry would cause things to move on, she had been in the spotlight for far too long and she felt the gaze of the other Pokemon in the back of her being. "Can we move along, please? I'm getting claustrophobic," Astrid pleaded a little.