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    Yorick Amherst Lee

    Yorick waited for a response from Cheryll for a moment, but she continued to ignore him. Her breathing had gotten much heavier and her eyes remained very wide. It appeared something in the room was scaring her terribly. Suddenly he saw Higoroshi rush up with a bag and hold it in front of her, giving her instructions of some sort before leaving. Soon, she calmed down. The entire ordeal confused Yorick greatly. After a little, sensei returned, and Cheryll said, "'s...o-okay s-sir...T-Than....thank...y-you for...helping...m-me."

    Help? Had Cheryll been in some kind of trouble? Nothing had changed in the room, so there must have been something else causing her to act like that. "What just happened," He asked her. "What trouble were you in? What did sensei do? How were you frightened before but calm now, even though nothing in the room changed?" He wouldn't really be able to find out about this in a book without a name to search for, so he hoped that she would be able to tell him about it. It seemed this school was full of mysteries.

    Yorick noticed as soon Allister returned to the room. It reminded Yorick of why he had approached Cheryll in the first place. He repeated his earlier question. "Will you come to the cafeteria tomorrow morning?" Maybe now that whatever that was was over, he could get some answers.
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