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Delta Mayor -
- Warsaw, Poland
The strange man, Misha, kept walking toward whatever his destination was, Delta assumed it was a car or some other kind of transportation. She remembered sitting in her rather small apartment on her less than comfy couch watching American TV Shows where a girl would get kidnapped. Delta swore she would never end up in that situation, she’d kick, bite, scratch, and hell, even die before a man took her prisoner. Yet somehow, here she was being held against her will by a man. The portrayal of women being weak creatures bugged her, another thing she swore she’d never be like, another thing was currently failing at. Curiosity tugged at her, this man had obviously wanted her and Delta wanted to know why he had gone through all this trouble for her.

"I vill not kill you," Misha laughed, Delta snorted in response. "No, I already killed my quota sis veek." He clearly thought that he was a world class comedian. "I am called Misha. Misha Vedernikov, from Russia. I come to escort you to my car sen I take you to my friends."

“You kill me and I snap your neck, Visha,” She tried a poor imitation of his accent just to mock him.

The next few moments she felt like a little children, no one treated her like this even as a little girl. Misha Vedernikov from Russia had put the brute in brute force as he placed her in the car and buckled her seatbelt. This made Delta angry, did he think of her as a children? An unfortunate fact was that Delta wasn't very good at holding in her anger. Did she not have a choice in the matter?

"Vhat is your name, little girl?" Misha asked.

The rage swelled inside as her hands crystallized, all of this hidden by her long-sleeved jacket and gloves, she then swung her hands at the car window. The glass shattered underneath the pressure and some of it landed back on Delta's lap. Misha really should've handcuffed her, but did he know what her Atlantean power was? One of her highest priorities was to keep it a secret and so far she had. How did he know she was at the Atlantean Relief Centre, had she been bugged? No, someone must have tracked her purchases such as the plane ticket and assumed she would go to the Centre. If that was the case it meant they had already known she was Atlantean and the only person who remotely had an idea was Nathan. This guy must have friends in high places and now she wanted to meet them. Shouldn't he have known her name or was this a pathetic attempt at conversation?

"Bite me," Delta settled into the backseat, was she really going to go through with this?

"I'm ready for a nap..."

The Meta Journey
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