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    Note From The Author: Hey guys. I hope you're ready for a riveting tale of an original Pokemon region. Welcome to the Soprano Region, home of the best music in the Pokemon world! But there's an evil force out there to stop the joy. It's up to one Pokemon Trainer to save the world from this tyranny. One with a true heart. But can he do it?

    Chapter 1: Heart of a Trainer
    Thick black strands of hair flew in my face. The winds felt as if they were the angry wrath of Rayquaza, the Ozone Pokemon. "Gray!" I heard a female voice shout behind me. It was Rain, my best friend since I was 5. "Hey Gray! How are you doing?" she asked with that curious smile. "Just fine," I replied. "Nothing is wrong right now. What did you have to say to me?" She took a big breath and said, "Prof. Mulberry is coming in with new starters tomorrow! It's been 2 years!" she said with the excite-ment dripping from her words. Her long brown hair and green eyes pleaded with me, pulling on one question. "Which starter are you going to pick?" Rain asked.
    I remembered that day on my 10th birthday, five years ago. My biggest wish was to become a Pokemon Trainer. But Prof. Mulberry hadn't found any starters until my 13th birthday. Just as I was about to grab the Pokeball, a kid shoved me out of the way and opened the Pokeball. He proudly presented his new Pamboo. I sat there with a cold stare on my face. I flashed back to reality. "I think I'll start with whatever I can get," I said with a sigh. She looked disappointed. "Well, if you want a good starter, I'd get some sleep. It's after sunset!" She pleaded. "Okay," I said to console her. I promise that I'll be up. Good night," I said as I walked away. She waved goodbye right before I walked into my house. I was greeted by my mom.
    She had a smile on her face. "Hey Gray, how was your day out?" my mom asked. "Fine," I responded. I didn't have time to talk. I promised I'd be up early tomorrow. I jumped straight into my bed and closed my eyes when I got home. I took a look at my alarm clock. The alarm was set to 5:00 AM. That was comforting. i slowly drifted into sleep. It felt as if a few seconds later, I woke up. I took a look at the clock. 12:00 PM. What? I had an alarm set. I took a quick look at the clock again. The alarm was set to 5:00 PM, not AM. I hurried downstairs and ran out the door. With an irritated look, Rain stood outside with a Pokeball. "Why weren't you there to pick a starter?" she asked. "I think they only have one left." she said with a mad look.
    I had to find a way to get out the door and get to the lab. "Rain, I have to go get a starter then!" I yelled. I burst out the door and crashed into the lab door. There was one pokeball left on the podium. "Oh good! You're here," said Prof. Mulberry. Her long blonde hair and blue eyes faced me. "I'm here for the last starter," I said with a bold look. She smiled. "The only one we have left is Dev-imp." I though of Devimp, with it's long black horns and reddish skin. I reached for the Pokeball, but in came Clint, a long time rival of mine came in. "I need that Devimp," He said as he snatched the Pokeball from the table. I looked down in disappointment as Clain slammed the door behind him. "Don't be sad," Prof. Mulberry said. "I do have one more Pokemon. The reason I was gone so long was because I was visiting the Sinnoh. I needed this Pokemon for my research, but I think you should have it." She handed me a blue-topped Pokeball from her satchel and handed it to me. It had a G-Cleft on top of it. Out popped a Chatot. He smiled when he saw me. "What do you think?" she asked. "I love it," I said as I returned Chatot to it's Pokeball. She handed me map and a blue Pokedex, too.
    As I walked outside, I heard Rain yelling at Clint outside. "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?" she yelled. Clint's facial expression showed a dull look with no surprise. "That's not right!" she said, Clint shifted his spiky blonde hair out of his face. "Ladies, ladies, It's obvious that I'm gonna be the gre-atest Pokemon Trainer of our time!" said Dan, another local Pokemon Trainer. His Pamboo smiled, It's panda face chubby with a tooth peeking out. "Shut up! This has nothing to do with you!" Rain yelled with her enraged look. "Clint, how could you? That was Gray's Pokemon!" He sighed. "I didn't see him holding the Pokeball," Clint said with his dull expression. "Let's settle this now," Rain said holding a pokeball. Out popped Mishlink, with walrus-like tusks and big back spines. "Fine by me," sighed Clint.
    "No Rain, let me handle this," I said with a determined look on my face as I pulled out my Pokeball. "But you have no Pokemon!" she argued. "Yes I do," I said as I revealed the blue Pokeball. Devimp flew out of his Pokeball. It was time to settle this feud. For now.
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