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    Re: Choosing a language

    C++ is the favourite language of "serious" programmers. If you're really concerned about performance, there is probably no language better than C++ (which is based on C, not C# as posted above). However, since you're probably interested in writing a 2D game, you don't really need to worry about performance, and can choose a language based on other qualities.

    Java is very popular and powerful, and has a lot of nice features for beginners. It's also the language that Android apps are written in if you're thinking about creating something like that, and has extremely helpful documentation if you learn to read it properly. In my opinion, the only thing Java lacks is a graphical library that is both accessible and powerful. It has plenty of one or the other, but none of both.

    C# and Python are also great choices. Python is perhaps the highest-level (read: closest to natural language) programming language I've ever written anything in, and gets used extensively in scientific applications. It also exposes you to scripting-style programming. I don't know much about C#, but it seems to be very well-supported if you want to write games for Windows, for example.
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