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    I play to win, so I go by the tiers. I don't necessarily have a /favorite/ group of Pokemon (except for Dratini because it is so cute <3,) but I usually pick a favorite of a tier and build around that / them. If they end up not working then I can replace them with no remorse.

    Originally Posted by Munchlax11 View Post
    I don't completely ignore the tiers, but I try to use my faves when I can. Evolite Munchlax is actually really good so I use him a lot. Then another favorite of mine, Sableye works pretty well competitively because of Prankster, so luckily a few of my faves are decent competitively :)
    Munchlax works in RU (although if it does currently I'd have to go with not really,) but don't take my word on it.