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    Fred saw the flying shadow ball flying at them, but he wasn't worried about that. After all, Shadow Ball was a Ghost type attack, and Fred was a normal type, meaning that he was immune to the effects of the powerful attack. But that didn't say he was immune to the effects of the poison jab coming strait for him by the Toxicroak. Using Protect, the Poison Jab was stopped by the temporary force field erupting from around his body, which he followed with his signature move, a Double-Hit. The two fists came sweeping from both directions, each fist being as big as that the frog's own Torso, and pinning it between them. Ambipoms were some of the strongest normal-type Pokemon ever.

    After the first hit, the second volley came from a pair of punches coming forward instead, nocking the Toxicroak away from him with his collected force. Yeah, people alway hear the Double Hit and expect it to be just two punches, but no no no. The Double hit was a double volley of of punches, each made by his pair of giant fists. The first strike stunned the enemy by attacking their blind spot by using the wide rnage of his long tails, the second was more straight forward, working as a powerful punch to strike them when they are left in shock of the first hit.