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    Do you think we should come up with a Pokemon List for each new route? Because I doubt anyone want to only catch Lillipups and Patrats for a while.

    Here's a quick one I came up with. It's just to give a little versatility and so we don't have to wait until Route 4 for good Pokemon. Seeing as Unova has alot of unique Pokemon now.

    ROUTE 1 - Grass (Level Range 2 - 5)
    Common - Lillipup, Patrat
    Uncommon - Scraggy, Jigglypuff, Pidove
    Rare - Audino
    V.Rare - Farfetch’d

    ROUTE 1 - Water
    Common - Magikarp, Basculin
    Rare - Feebas

    ROUTE 2 - Grass (Level Range 4 - 8)
    Common - Lillipup, Patrat
    Uncommon - Purrloin, Jigglypuff
    Rare - Lickitung, Audino
    V. Rare - Wynaut

    ROUTE 2 - Hidden Grotto
    Common - Nidoran (BOTH)
    Uncommon - Snubull
    Rare - Watchog

    STRIATION CITY - Water (Level Range 8 - 11)
    Common - Basculin
    Uncommon - Goldeen
    V. Rare - Corphish

    DREAMYARD - Grass (Level Range 8 - 11)
    Common - Purrloin, Patrat
    Uncommon - Munna
    Rare - Rattata, Jigglypuff, (Zubat Night Time).
    V. Rare - (Ledyba, Kricketot Morning Time) (Spinarak, Venonat Night Time)

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    Panpour for Snivy
    Pansage for Tepig
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