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    Make sure you emphasize on Magnet Rise, Ewery1! It's really rare to have a Riolu that has that moveset Hovering Riolu...oh my.

    Ewery1, you cannot use Joh unless Swan lets you. Also, that's a really brave statement there. How'd you get that? So yeah, do not use other NPCs unless being able to.

    Anyway guys, the Warden would come when everyone's back with their captured pokemon. I'm enjoying the progress so far! x3 Once again, try to follow others' pace so some people that finish early wouldn't have to wait that long Have fun guys! Right now, the ones that haven't caught anything yet would be Swan and Red I'm not rushing you guys, don't worry! I'm just checking if everyone's done yet Others can still socialize for the time being.

    Warden's post would contain a report of what he saw + his next task for them etc. What is it, may I ask? Let's just say that you're finally gonna be able to use the two Pokemon to their full potential...against your E8 'friends'... >:3

    After that, yes, it'll be the end of the day. Diary post, rest, next day and phase begins. Everything clear?

    P.S. I love Swan's post, and I encourage you guys to do the same. Analyse other characters. Find the culprit faster than the Warden, I dare you

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