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Julia Blackwood - Abandoned Mill
Julia awoke with a shudder to the feeling of something moving, earnestly suspecting that it was Mello trying to free herself at first in her preliminary delirium. It was only once she raised a hand to shield her eyes from the sun kissing her skin in an evidently affectionate manner that she realized her wrist was vibrating. Shifting into an an upright position and becoming more fully awake and aware of the world around her Julia lowered Mello into her lap before releasing grip around the pokemon. Julia then proceeded to quickly groom herself a bit, fixing her hair, making sure she was relatively clean and presentable and putting on her glasses before finally answering her gear at what must've been the last possible moment. ...What? She had to be classy--She had a reputation as a model to look out for now! Needless to say Shadoan may notice, or not because he had bigger things to worry about, that she was not currently wearing her jacket; this exposed the lavender dress she wore underneath. The thought had of course occurred to her that she had no idea who could be calling her at this time of morning, but looking at the caller ID she had briefly managed to observe during her grooming had answered this for her; it was Shadoan. All things aside, she answered in her best attempt at sounding presentable, only the slightest hint of grogginess in her voice.

"Hello..? Shadoan? What's up?" she asked curiously in a rather polite and inviting tone, entirely oblivious to any hilarious chase scenes going on on his end. No doubt he would interrupt any further small talk however.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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