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Originally Posted by Gyardosamped View Post

Username: Gyardosamped
Favorite Member: Liam Payne
Answer Current Discussion / Past Discussions: Although I try not to favor any member of the band over the other, Liam has really given me a reason to continue staying a member of this fabulous fandom. He's extremely charming, caring, funny, and lively. There are so many words I could use to describe him, but I'd probably go over the maximum character limit (if there is one, haha). I also love how he's earned the title of "Daddy Direction" because he keeps the other boys out of trouble most of the time. I guess I like him the most because he resembles my real life persona the most out of any other member of the band.

All in all, though, I love all five members of One Direction. They are truly all talented and gifted musicians!

Also, thank you Aero for putting so much effort into making this! You're awesome!
Yeah, Liam does seem to be the most responsible one of the group. :] He's also amazing at singing. I always enjoy listening to his audition on X Factor because it shows how his voice can match a variety of music. :] Also no problem with making this thread. lol It took around 2 hours to make, and it was mostly the photoshopping involved because it was being problematic. NOW START RECRUITING MORE PEOPLE.

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Username: AlexOzzyCake
Favorite Member: TAKE A WILD GUESS. Only Harry Sexypants Styles <3

Who is your favorite member and why?
To be really shallow etc just look at my signature and you'll see why. HE'S SO DAMN CUTE. Also for me he's the best singer in the group, his voice is incredible and his usual lead roles in the singles are well deserved as a result. He has such a great range and an ability to emphasise the most important aspects of the song, I love it! Also his dancing omg. XD

OZZY. Your sig is inappropriate. ;] But not really. I have to agree to an extent. Harry's voice has a nice tone to it. And when you talk about his dancing, I guess I haven't seen enough videos, but the dancing I think of is his extremely powerful shoulder thrust in the band's first performance on X Factor. lolol It was so funny. By the way, you never answered my question about what you think of his new tattoo. Did you even see it? :x

Originally Posted by ForeverDash View Post
Username: ForeverDash
Favorite Member: Zayn Malik
Current Topic: Who is your favorite member and why?
My favorite member is Zayn. He is obviously the hottest and cutest one in the group and in my opinion he has the best voice. I mean look at him and tell me he's not hot lol. He also loves Pokemon omgomgomg. Most of the 1D songs that I listen to mainly has Zayn singing in it, though I love them all equally ;]
bby u no its troo. Instead of commenting on your answer specifically I'll answer the question for myself.

Who is your favorite member and why?
In case it's not apparent by my avatar, signature, and profile: It's Zayn Malik. Let's just say, he's the reason I started listening to One Direction in the first place. Everything about him basically defines perfection in my book: His hair, his eyes, his smile, everything. Not to mention out of all the members I think his voice is the best. His harmonies and power notes in the songs are what I look forward to in songs almost all the time and his voice has a very specific...texture to it that I can't get over. He's too much. Like I told Ozzy in a PM, my life tragedy is that he'll never be mine. lolol


by the way if you ever need zayn malik gifs I got you covered ;]