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    ∣ "Solo"
    Girl's Bathroom

    Chapter Three: Part Nine
    Social Interaction

    Effect: None

    He was immediately stopped by the girl who was also in the bathroom, telling him about the boy's bathroom and how he should go there. She also seemed to have her hand on what looked like some kind of weapon. Solo felt he was about to get into yet another bout of trouble, but this time he wasn't choosing for himself. "I'm not leaving without my... Friend." Every time the word reached his tongue he felt like gagging. Though he knew this would never fix unless he got used to it. He glanced at the girl, though for once it was without the usual glare. Was that... Concern?

    "She obviously isn't feeling well, so I'm supposed to help." Supposed to? His mind had decided that before he could change his words, though part of him began to agree moments later. His gaze shifted to her hand, resting on whatever weapon she had hidden there, and then back at her. "I think I've been in enough fights today, I just want to get her to feel better. So if you'd lower your hand it'd be fine. It's not like I planned to come here in the first place." He sighed. She could kill him probably pretty easily right now, though if it came to that he'd make sure she didn't leave without severe injury. He found himself, oddly enough, hoping to avoid any more fighting.

    He instead directed his attention back to Eva. "Maybe we could talk about it somewhere else, I think this girl wants to stab me or beat me or something."

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