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Never lose sight of yourself, Saul. Never succumb to the darkness. Live life. Never die.

Those words rung in Paladin's ears as he gazed upon Allora and his sister. For that moment, that slight moment, it seemed as if Paladin's dark side was gone. He could not feel it anymore, as if the darkness had detached itself from his body. He felt good, filled with emotion. Only now did he realize that before this, he had been entirely insensitive towards his companions, his brothers and sisters. Sure, there was a lot going through his mind, but it was up to Paladin to not lose himself in the sea of memories and thought. His mentor had taught him that.

Paladin felt the soft pat of the Lilligant's petal against the rough texture of his skin, as she assured him that she would be there for him. The trust between Gold Tribesmen was unbreakable, that much he could see. Allora and the Lilligant had only known him for the duration of this day, and yet, they were willing to do everything in their power to help him. He felt that he had forgotten about this sacred trust, too concerned with a selfish lust for truth to care.

"Allora, thank you, but..." Paladin began. He realized that he still hadn't explained his full story to the Ninetales, though he wasn't sure that he knew his own full story. "I've been this way as long as I can remember." Paladin's gaze turned gentle, as he turned to his Lilligant sister. "I'll allow you to do what you can, but I doubt you'll be able to get rid of..." he motioned to his dark side, "this." He sighed. "I don't think we should stop now. Veletra is in grave danger, and I owe her for saving me. She comes first."

Paladin approached the angry Ninetales before him. "I won't let her die for me." he said firmly, though he wasn't sure if he was talking to Allora or to himself. With that, he strode past her, expecting the rest of the group to follow. The Abra took a turn to the left when he opened another secret tunnel, and the Golurk followed. The next tunnel they were in was annoyingly claustrophobic for the giant, since it was so small that he had to crouch down to fit in. "You better know where you're going, Abra," Paladin grunted.