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    Volt: I need to get outta here...

    The small chameleon stood behind Oz. Volt stood behind a tree. And the forest stood behind the fence of the graveyard. The distance was small... but he didn't want to be caught. Unless he could run quick enough...

    Well, he definitely could. The question was, could he be light on his toes while he was at it?

    Breathing heavily behind a tree, Volt waited. Not patiently- I mean, when did he ever wait patiently? But nevertheless, he was screwed... and so was that chameleon, in a few freaking minutes. Gah! What was he going to do?

    He looked towards the forest, only some meters away, and then upward. It was getting far too dark, or at least, to foggy.. It was now... or...

    He sulked. Never. He looked ahead. HE would have to run quietly, extremely quietly, to get there. Volt smirked. He tried this all the time at his house in the human world, running through in the middle of the night but trying to not attract the attention of his father, or his mother. Though it wasn’t the easiest thing, he convinced himself he was a pro. Which he definitely was not, but that slipped his mind as he lightly stepped on the ground, then arriving on the edge of the forest. He looked back. The blond mage was still distracted, doing... whatever he may have been doing. Volt hadn´t looked long enough, nor did he care. It was now a matter of getting back to the dorm, for lunch, or dinner. He wasn quite sure of the time... But hearing noises in the forest he concluded he had to get out, fast, even now as he was out of possible sight of Oz.

    Volt put all his energy into summoning a horse. But he was too vague. He said something he could ride and that could take him quickly home, on land. There were many examples of these conditions, but in his case, it was... an ostrich.
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