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    ∣ "Solo"
    Girl's Bathroom

    Chapter Three: Part Ten
    Social Interaction

    Effect: None

    There was an immediate intensity in the air, and Solo's instincts overwhelmed him with a sense of danger, though he was unable to react as he was thrust against the wall, a blade dangerously close to his neck. There was a distinct fear rumbling inside of him, though not fear of the girl; it was fear of the blade. He seemed to know how dire this situation was-- he could die right here! And yet... He didn't step down. For once his boldness was not the set for his ego; this was pure determination. His eyes met the girl's, his ice blue stare more than serious. "I'm not leaving here without Eva. I don't care what you do to me."

    He squinted slightly, as if he was anticipating an attack from her, or rather, calling a bluff? He had no doubts that this girl would kill him the moment she got the chance, though for once he actually meant well with his intentions. "Please..." He added, very much out of character for him. He stood his ground, whether he'd get hurt, or killed. "I'm only here for Eva." He turned his head and his gaze rested at the feet that belonged to Eva, slightly visible from under the stall door.

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