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The Bathroom
Ashling took several moments to collect herself as the boy pinned himself against the wall for fear of her blade; a weapon that filled her with all the confidence she could ever need, were it actually in her hand. It was strange how, throughout her whole life, she'd suffered because of somebody whose heart was bled into coldness thanks to the re-assuring soul of a blade clenched in their fist. She didn't want to become that person, not one bit, but it was definitely effective in making the boy panic somewhat. And so he should have been, she reasoned, without even an apology uttered for his monstrous actions. Licking her lips, she knew that it was not her place to hand out judgement on the students. No matter how vile.

"Repent for your actions." Ashling ordered the worm before her, with a voice surprisingly serene for one who had, just a moment before, been ready to beat the boy into the dust. With a swift movement of her arm, she sheathed the blade and pointed her finger at Solo in its stead. "And leave the girl's bathroom while you're at it; the sobbing can come to see you when she's ready."
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