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Okay then. Just tell me if you're against the idea, don't be shy to speak up.

Alright, I've decided that for the sake of clarity, I'll be posting the progress of Paladin's memory here. That is to say, I'll post what he's remembered about himself so far.

Memory log:
Well, so far, Paladin remembers mostly his childhood. As a child, his parents (a Golurk and a Ditto) disowned him because he was 'imperfect' and left him to rot in the streets of Gold City. Eventually, though, he was found by his future mentor, a member of the Gold Tribe known as Gabe "Stormbreaker" Kellan. Gabe took him in as his own child, and raised him as an honorable member of the GT. As soon as he was old enough, he was enrolled in the HAS.

The next thing Paladin remembers is his time at the HAS. Bits and pieces return to him, but he remembers a friend there who would play an important role in his adult life...

Most of Paladin's life in the GT is also scattered, memories coming back in bits and pieces. Although he can remember that he was in the battles he was in, he can never really remember what happened during those fights. As far as he knows, he participated in the battles for Gold, Cape, and Shine City. During his time in the GT, he met Zane Tyrael, who he befriended and fought with.

Paladin also remembers a strange event, during which he and Auron were standing, looking at each other, seemingly alone. However, Paladin can hear screams all around him, the battle shouts of Pokemon fighting, of Pokemon dying. Auron appears to be laughing, as Paladin asks him why he was doing this...
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