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Kion Gavin - Mall

Gavin laid in bed for quite a while; the sight of Eva with Solo in the Boy's Dorm really took him for a trip, and it caused him to become physically unable to move. It was probably an overreaction, as Gavin had been in the Girl's Dorm before and he didn't have any romantic feelings for Eva that he knew of, but the culmination of all the factors hit him like sack of hammers. Gavin would have remained in bed for a longer period of time, but he was revived by a lovely image of a rotten arm. The normally pale skin that Gavin had changed to a raw pink color, and there were all sorts of bugs and insects flying through the torn skin. Dry blood shown down the sides of the apertures in the skin, and in those same apertures one could see the brittle and chiseled bones that made up his arm. There were no veins in the hand, just skin over bones and some ripped muscle, some of the fingers missing and all of the fingernails gone, revealing a reddish-yellowish film over the skin of his fingers.

Needless to say, this caused Gavin to jump. He had to do what he needed to that night, because he wouldn't have much time to do so the next day. He looked at his list and said, "Okay...first off, I need the hair dye." Gavin collected himself and headed outside towards the mall. He'd never been there before, bur it was definitely open at this point in time. It wasn't a particularly long walk from his dorm, though it felt long to Gavin. He practically jogged there, he was in such a hurry.

When he arrived, his eyes darted from store to store in search of one where he could find hair products. He felt a little silly even going to one, as the only hair stores he'd been to were the ones that his mother dragged him to when he was younger. He never liked them, and they always had a smell that felt as if your nose would jump off of your face and curse they day he were born with it. He never had to go to one of his own volition, and it felt a little degrading doing so himself.

Regardless, he eventually found one that, if it weren't for the appearance and logo, he would have sworn it was some type of Shinto building. The store was called "Kami OK", which made him laugh a little, just because of how silly he felt it sounded out loud. He entered the store, and was almost immediately, if not immediately, greeted by one of the saleswomen. He was so shocked by her sudden appearance that he almost shrieked in terror. Though, upon further analysis, he immediately realized what would attract men and women alike to the store. She was exceedingly beautiful with a body that could turn a man to stone. She also had incredibly smooth blue hair that made her the perfect representative of the store. Whether either of this things was a result of the store's products or not was difficult to tell, as the woman was almost definitely a succubus.

Gavin asked the woman for the way to the hair dye, and she guided him over. He did his best not to look at the woman, as he did not want to seem like a lecherous pervert...though it was doubtful that anyone who saw him would think he was one. When they arrived, she told Gavin to enjoy his stay and immediately departed. Gavin scanned over the color of the dyes, and his jaw dropped. There were multiple shades for each color, including black and white. His pupils became small and he started to shiver. He then smacked himself in the face and started to pick. After what seemed like hours, he decided on what appeared to be a grayish white color mixed with a blond white color. Basically, a silverish-white color. He made his way to the checkout and bought the dye, almost jogging out of the store out of both embarrassment and urgency.

He didn’t worry about going back to the dorm. Rather, he found the nearest building, which happened to be a movie theater, and found the men’s bathroom. He didn’t hesitate, and he looked at the steps for application. Oddly enough, there were only two steps: loosen the top and open. Gavin raised an eyebrow, expecting there to be a lot more to the process than the bottle let on, but he didn’t argue with it and did as it said. The moment he opened the bottle, the dye jumped out from the bottle onto the top of his head. This startled him at first, but other than that he felt fine. He looked in the mirror and noted that his hair was the same color as it ever was; nothing changed. Then, all at once, and intense pain came over him. It felt like a headache initially, and then a migraine, and then it were as if each of his individual follicles were on fire. He yelled in pain, though he tried to muffle the sound by placing his hand over his mouth. He writhed in pain, grasping his arms as much as he could to lessen it. Then, all at once, the pain stopped.

Gavin’s ascent was a slow one, but he was filled with ecstasy when he saw the end product. His hair had changed from brown to white, and he thought it suited it well. He also noticed that his originally pale skin had turned into a darker shade, though that was likely because of his recent exposure to fire and the sun. He put on a triumphant smile, pocketed the bottle, and headed to his next destination: Reagent.
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