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    Originally Posted by 11bayerf1 View Post
    I was just playing through the game, when I saw Mantine.
    It seems to be sprite I posted on deviant art but resized and slightly recoloured.
    I say this solely because, it has the EXACT same shading, size and shape.
    I have no problem with the sprite being used in fact I'm glad you're using it but
    I would like to be credited for it!

    I asked the spriter who "provided" it and he says he got it somewhere else- judging by the fact that the palette it uses is different from not only your sprite but all of the canon sprites, I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time it was stolen. It *is* a nice sprite, but I'm not quite capable enough to trim it down myself so it'll still look good in 64x64, so I'm just going to go back to the FR Mantine sprite.

    And here's the update I was working on.

    V1.12 Changelog:
    Tweaked a number of trainers to account for the various movepool changes.
    New sprites for Chansey, Blissey, Mantine, Slowking, and Dragonite
    Better backsprites for Murkrow and Slowbro.
    Koichi no longer has random AI.
    Furret line gets Mega Punch in place of Hyper Voice.
    Gligar, Gliscor, and Yanmega now get Fly.
    Decapitalized item and trainer names.
    Shellder and Cloyster now get Skill Link.
    Mega Punch's power boosted to 120.
    Calm Mind, Bulk Up, and Icicle Spear re-implemented.
    Implemented Energy Ball and Shadow Force. (yes, it's just reflavored dive. you can't pierce it with surf though.)
    Cloyster line's moveset shuffled around to accommodate Icicle Spear and Spike Cannon.
    Blaziken gets Bulk Up by relearner.
    Blissey's relearner moves are now Snatch and Calm Mind instead of Toxic and Protect.
    Munna and Musharna learn Calm Mind in place of dual screens.
    Musharna gets Heal Bell by relearner.
    Timburr line gets Bulk Up in place of Work Up.
    Darumaka line gets Bulk Up in place of Work Up.
    Alakazam gets Calm Mind instead of Nasty Plot. (That was a terrible idea, even if it has no Focus Blast to abuse)
    Alakazam gets Energy Ball by relearner.
    Ninetales learns Recover and Calm Mind when it learned Safeguard and Attract.
    Ninetales gets Energy Ball by relearner.
    Heracross gets Bulk Up by relearner.
    Slowbro and Slowking get Calm Mind by relearner.
    Shellder and Cloyster now get Waterfall. I know this one is silly, but if I'm letting you fly around on a dragonfly I might as well give them a decent STAB off their better attacking stat.
    Jynx now get Calm Mind instead of Revenge.
    Scyther line now gets Roost by relearner.
    Tweaked a bunch of animations.
    Hammer Arm/Roar of Time no longer lowers Speed if it fails to damage the target.
    Revised the stat-up scripts to work more elegantly- namely, one stat-up animation per use and proper handling of maxed stats.
    Growth gives +2/+2 in sun.
    Implemented Darthatron's BW2 Repel System port.

    Yet Another Fire Red Hack

    Physical/Special Split
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