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    Wow, lots of stuff to do. Okay, but first

    Pokemon Fire Red Cylce Challenge GGrP Update #3

    -Koga's a Jerk. 'Nuff Said...
    -Krushed Koga and obtained the SOULBADGE and Toxic
    -Taught Alucard Toxic
    -Went to the Safari Zone and got HM03 and HM04 from the gold teeth guy.
    -Taught Alucard Steel Wing
    -Got Old Lady's Tea and went to Saffron City. "WTF? Team Rocket! Why are you always in my way???"
    -Warped through Silph Co. and obtained Master Ball and my second slave, Lapras. Strength AND Surf! The two HMs I just picked up!
    -Swept Sabrina. She didn't get a single hit in on me and Richter! Obtained the MARSHBADGE and Calm Mind
    -KOd the Fighting Dojo
    -Flew to Pallet Town, got scolded by Senile Old Man about not collecting many Pokeymanz, and surfed to Cinnibar.
    -Searched through the Pokemon Mansion, where I got lots of Stat Boosters and TMs
    -Taught Koume Solarbeam (Finally, something better than Bullet Seed!)
    -Saved in front of Blaine. Find out what the outcome of our fight is NEXT TIME! On POKEMON FIRE RED! XD

    Badge Case


    Alucard/Crobat Lv. 45
    Bold Nature(+Def, -Atk)
    Ability: Inner Focus
    -Air Cutter
    -Steel Wing
    -Shadow Ball

    Koume/Paras Lv. 45
    Gentle Nature(+SpDef, -Def)
    Ability: Effect Spore
    -Aerial Ace

    Richter/Dugtrio Lv. 47
    Timid Nature (+Speed, -Atk)
    Ability: Arena Trap
    -Rock Tomb

    Okay. Next up

    @xShadowx: I'll consider them separate runs until you can get those Emu's working, but for now, here's your Red Team




    And finally,

    @CanadianBaconX: Great Job! Time for the next one!




    Hope you guys have fun!

    EDIT: I understand that it might not be possible for some, but I think it'd be nice if you record the end of your challenges, with or without commentary, but it's just a thought, if we can post videos on this forum

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