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I'm not too keen on the whole poem thing being part of the main focus, since that's kinda what we have the FF&W section for, so if that's what you want to do, I'm sure you could figure something out with Astinus. If it's just a smaller part of it though, and only comes up as frequently as any of the other ideas you have, then I don't see a problem with it.

But about the club. While I love the idea, and though it'd something positively different from what we usually see, I don't know if it'll actually work. I reckon a club like that would need a good chunk of members to be active for all these prompts, and it'd need dedicated people to run it. And don't get me wrong, I don't doubt you're capable of running this, however, I've seen people come up with great ideas before, then giving up because it didn't work out exactly the way they wanted (that applies for both club-owners and in other cases), and with a club like this, that's kinda what it needs to do anyway. Unless you have a group of people who are willing to participate each week, there just won't be much fun to it.

Basically, with how activity is at the moment, I don't see the club living through its purpose, but that shouldn't stop you from trying it out anyways. If you present the club well, bring up some interesting and fun stuff, etc., then I'm sure it'll attract some people, and that may just end up reeling other people in.

So yeah, if you do want to make it, I say go for it. The idea is perfectly fine, as long as it all relates to Pokemon, and doesn't focus too much on things covered in other sections. However, you shouldn't feel too beat down if it doesn't make it far.
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