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    Chapter Four: A Chance Meeting

    Blizzard, Mandy and Rose were all walking down the path to Viridian when they happened upon a wild Ninetales. It appeared to be hurt very badly as it quivered near a tree trunk. "Whoa... talk about damage," Mandy commented.
    "I'll go see what's up." Blizzard replied.
    "Look. I know what to do. Just give me a shot."
    "Okay... but don't hurt him."
    So Blizzard walked over to the Ninetales, and nudged him. "You all right?" he asked.
    "Yea... just... just let me get on my feet." He got onto his feet and pawed at Blizzard. "You can talk too?"
    "What's with that?"
    "So suddenly it's weird to be a talking Pokemon? I have 6 Eevee friends of mine who can talk, thank you very much."
    "Sorry... I didn't mean it like that."
    "I'm Blizzard. What's your name?"
    "Blizzard... how odd."
    "Excuse me? What's that supposed to mean?"
    "You're a Flareon, right?"
    "Yea. So?"
    "Odd that a Flareon would be named Blizzard... of course you are white like winter snow."
    "I asked you what your name was."
    "Oh, of course... pardon me. My name is Coals, because I'm black with orange spots."
    "Nice to meet you... say, what happened?"
    "They got me... and changed me..."
    "Don't tell me you were human once too!"
    "No, no... they just changed my fur color... how silly to think that. Unless..."
    "Oh, dear... I'm sorry."
    "No, I just..."
    "Hey, Blizzard!" Mandy called. "Come on!"
    "I must go, Coals..."
    "Wait. Can I come with... with you?"
    Blizzard looked shocked at this statement. "You... WANT to come?"
    "Yes... my pack... they abandoned my because of my fur color."
    "Wow. In that case let's go talk to Mandy."
    Coals and Blizzard went over to Mandy. She looked a little surprised at Coals, then replied, "So... he wants to come?"
    "Yes... he does," Blizzard said sternly.
    "It... would be nice," Coals added.
    "Well... okay! Come on, then, um...."
    "Right. Come on Coals, let's go."
    "Say, Blizzard, ever know a human named Beko Miyako?"
    "Yea... I'm Beko. Why? Wait a minute... did I have..."
    "Yea, you had a Ninetales before it got stolen. That was me."
    "No way! I've been looking for you all over!"
    "Well, mostly..."
    "Great to see you, buddy!"
    "You know him, Blizzard?" Mandy questioned.
    "He's an old friend," Blizzard responded.
    And so, with Coals in tow, the group arrived at Viridian. They stopped at the Pokemon Center, and Blizzard and Coals talked about old memories...

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