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… "Yes, I will help you control your powers."

Kakusu was unable to keep his face from gleaming at Ryuu’s response. 7:30 would be a perfect time and he knew that he would be able to make it easily. Kakusu, also curious as to what Youkai sensei was, restrained himself from pushing his curiosity onto Higoroshi. Preparing to leave class, Kakusu turned towards the door but paused with a startled expression as he heard sensei shout out "Cheryl?!"

The girl Higoroshi designated as Cheryl was having a panic attack, no doubt over the upcoming events and Kakusu couldn’t help but feel sympathy as Higoroshi left the room because of a disturbance in the hallway. The girl seemed to be calming down and the bag seemed to have helped along with the tranquility of the classroom. She got up and placed the bag on Higoroshi’s desk.

Shortly after the silence in the classroom, Higoroshi returned looking a mixture of upset and apologetic. "Sorry that I left, there was a fight in the hallways but I was too late to stop it."

He was concerned for the well being of his teacher and his fellow classmate. If only some of his other classmates could be more mild-mannered like this girl here. Kakusu leaned in towards Cheryl and whispered, “Do you need help with anything? If not, just know that I’ve got your back tomorrow and Higoroshi-sensei definitely will be able to protect us all.” Kakusu had a slight hint of a grin on his face as he said this although he knew he was hiding his anxieties for tomorrow.

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