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I felt this was different enough from the general Storyline Speculation thread to warrant it's own. If not feel free to merge it over.

As far as the storyline goes, it's a pretty linear design that hasn't changed much over the generations: Get your Pokémon, battle the gyms, beat the evil team along the way, defeat them in a climax at a large location, and go onto the Elite Four. The only real switch away from this was with N's Castle in Black and White. Hey, it fits the don't fix what ain't broke mentality, but then there's a simple question: What if this generation was different?

What if along your journey, you failed at one of the points where you are supposed to defeat the evil team? What if the game reflected this, and allowed for them to take over further, instead of just you whiting out and getting the chance to battle them again? What if your losses actually affected what happened to your character throughout the story. Of course, there would still be the big resolution near the end of the game, but what if you were held accountable for failures? If this were possible, do you think it could be implemented into some sort of difficulty setting? Is this just way too far off-base for a Pokémon game? Discuss!
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