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    Jack Davis - Just... poo

    Jack was actually feeling rather great at this point. Alpha and Charlie were holding their own quite easily now and all they needed to do was push a bit more. This would make his job WAY more easier and with a bit of help the psychics would no doubt aid them in finding their objective. This was turning out to be a fine day actually. Though that mood was quickly destroyed when a elite four appeared and dissed him off. Such manners! Well, of course Jack wasn't going to take that lying down. "Hey! I didn't come here to join in this turf war! It just happened around me! I took appropriate action and let Alpha and Charlie fight it out! And I didn't interfere with the balance! This is the psychics turf, which meant they would have won anyway! There is power here, I can feel it myself, Alpha and Charlie just quickened the pace." He stated as if it was obvious.

    Alpha meanwhile glanced at the Elite and his pokemon, a frown on his face. "My trainer did not mean to interfere." The Hypno said to the Eevee, "But it is ludicrous to not allow us to him! Either he would have been killed by the psychics, or the fire types. With Charlie out with him already the fire types would have probably targeted him as well!" He said trying to reason with the pokemon.

    Meanwhile Charlie fell onto a knee, panting a bit from exertion. He glanced about seeing the dead fire types on the ground and he let out a soft chuckle. He looked up at the Elite Four member and slowly staggered back up onto his feet. "Really? You think you can fight me?" He asked the Eevee. "I feel it... oh I feel it. I know it's now." He began to chuckle a bit more, but then he feel to his knees once more and clutched his head and cried out.

    Before Jack could rush to him a bright glow enveloped Charlie's body. At first his body seemed to be growing a bit larger. His face contorted a bit as something akin grew on the front of it. His tail began to shrink and dissapeared entirely and finally the glow faded away. Jack stared as Charlie stood back up, still panting a bit and a small smile graced the Alakazam's face. "So long have I been waiting for this moment..." The Psychic whispered. His eyes suddenly geared right onto the Eevee, "What better way to test my powers than by battle?" He asked cockily as he gripped his spoons. "Come at me then mutt, and taste my power!" He sneered, a glint in his eyes.
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