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    Rated T for descriptive moments and disturbing undertones
    Before you say anything, let me put it this way. Yes, I've stolen the "interactive story" concept from the much wiser and more experienced Cutlerine, and mine is ALSO a horror story BUT, before you start bashing this there is much more than one way to skin a cat. Where his is more Silent Hill meets Thy Dungeonman, mine shall be more Halloween meets House on Haunted Hill meets Zork. I find that, in my opinion at least, less is more. A horribly mangled corpse being slowly ripped to pieces by a lunatic may be more graphic, but seeing the loon knock-out an unsuspecting teenager and slowly drag his body into a cellar to never be seen by the audience again is just as horrific.
    Everyone may love a slasher movie villain, but your emotions may change when you see it from the victim's perspective. You are a teenager, an ordinary teenager with your Pokemon. For decades people have told tales of the mansion high above your home town. The mansion where a serial killer known as The Undertaker supposedly lives. He/she/it supposedly was a child who was adopted by ghost Pokemon, and stalks those who enters in order to turn them into members of his undead family. Those who escape the mansion claim it is filled with the cries of Yamask.

    You are an investigative journalist for a local newspaper and have been assigned to do a story on the house on the hill for the October 31st paper. You and your prized Marowak are on the way there with nothing but the clothes on your back, pocket change, some Dusk Balls, a digital Camera, and a notebook for investigation.
    Your Marowak has the Rock Head ability, is carrying a Thick Club, and knows Bone Club, Swords Dance, Low Kick, and Headbutt.
    What are your names?
    Please join my Pokemon RP: "So You Went To Prison"
    Please also see my interactive story, "The Undertaker"
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