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Main Information:
Name: William Lyle Nelson
Alias: Rugosa
Age: 21
Height: 5'11" :: 180.34 cm
Weight: 135 lbs :: 61.235 kg
Location: Syracuse, New York, USA
Atlantean Tattoo:
Will's Atlantean Tattoo comes in the form of what resembles a series of lightning bolts tipped with ivy leaves that cascade down from the top of his back and wrap around his lower torso.
Will is a tall, thin, Caucasian man that stands at five feet eleven inches and weighs about one hundred and thirty-five pounds. He has short, black, unkempt hair and deep green eyes accented by a light grey tint. His facial features are decently sculpted and he tries to carry a slight smile with him at all times. He's usually clean-shaven, but sometimes his chin rocks a bit of dark stubble when he leaves it unattended, causing him to appear a few years older than he truly is. He's not incredibly muscular, but his muscles are decently toned and he is incredibly agile, fast and flexible, compensating for his lack of brute force. He hates feeling dirty, so he isn't typically covered in dirt, acne, or things of the sort, and he walks around in the aroma of Adidas' Deep Energy, giving him a pleasant atmosphere.
Will is normally clad in a variety of Final Fantasy tee-shirts, his favorite being a black "Chocobo X-ing" tee. Over that, he usually wears a black Final Fantasy VII hoodie with built-in headphones, as well as black and white striped fingerless gloves. He normally wears dark blue or black denim jeans held up by a black and white checkerboard belt, adorned with chains hanging from the belt straps. His feet are normally hugged by short black socks and a pair of black Moogle-themed sneakers. On his right wrist he wears a Final Fantasy VII wristwatch, and on his left wrist he wears a Final Fantasy bracelet. Around his neck he wears a silver promise ring that Brad gave him years ago. He wears a white Final Fantasy VII backpack to carry his things in.
Will is a bag of mixed marbles. His mind is all over the place, wandering anywhere at any given time. He likes to get lost in his imagination, and he can be sensitive and sometimes over-emotional. On the flip-side, he can be greatly outgoing and strong. He doesn't like to express his negative emotions, so he tries to live with a smile at all times. Or, if he can't pull that off, a blank face. He only truly expresses himself around those he trusts with his life and all of his flaws, which doesn't include a very broad audience.

He's intelligent and quick-thinking, but he can also zone out and blank on even basic logic. His memory is incredible, but his mind wanders so much that it can seem faulty at times. He doesn't like being alone and so he tries to stick around people he knows. He's rather friendly and polite, and while he may not engage everyone he sees in conversation, he will always respond to someone that talks to him and greets the friendly passersby. He's optimistic when it comes to most things in life, and he's an incredibly accepting person. He's not very religious, preferring to let such things be and not get involved. The same goes for politics; while he may pay attention and participate, he's not a big fan of the subject.

While Will prefers to be a quiet, passive observer that lets others handle most situations, he can be assertive and powerful when such is required of him. He's a great listener, and he's adept at listening in on multiple conversations at once without anyone realizing, often drawing from such things for literary inspiration. He's highly creative, which can lead to many interesting solutions to problems that life throws his way, and he has both the gift and curse of being empathetic, sometimes painfully so in that he can quite often see both sides of a situation and where the involved parties are coming from, which often leads people to place him in the middle of things, which isn't exactly the most pleasant thing at times. He's a calm person, most of the time, and he's learned to deal with such things.
Will was born in a small suburb in upstate New York on the fifteenth of June, 1991. He was raised in a family of seven, having three sisters and a brother, and being the youngest of the group. His parents were both college professors, with his father teaching Chemistry and his mother teaching History. His oldest sibling was his sister, Reya, followed by his brother, Shane, and then the twins, Ella and Olette. Reya is five years older than him, Shane is three years older and the twins are just over a year older than himself. Despite their busy work lives, Will's parents were always very active in the lives of their children, maintaining a rather encouraging and accepting outlook throughout their lives, while keeping to properly strict and orderly household.

Will grew up with a rather calm, pleasant, and perhaps slightly boring life. Even so, he enjoyed it, being very close with his family and having a small group of good friends to spend his time with. His education was never lacking, thanks to the fact that his parents were teachers and did not tolerate bad performance where one's potential allowed them to do so much more. Due to this, all of his siblings, himself included, excelled in their academic work, even without being complete geniuses. This led to some sibling rivalry, which only proved to be helpful in their school life. Beyond that, every one of them did some sort of extracurricular activity, including at least one sport each. Reya played lacrosse and volleyball, as well as participated in choir and drama clubs. Shane took part in football, using his natural affinity for exercise and and muscular body structure to become one of his team's star players. The twins both played soccer, and were highly skilled at it, as well as playing the violin, for Ella, and cello, for Olette, in the school orchestra. Will was a part of the school's track team, where his natural agility, speed, and endurance gave him the upper edge.

Growing up, Will maintained a group of about ten friends at any given time, choosing only to befriend those that were worth being friendly to. He wanted best friends, not friends that would change and switch groups on any given whim. This philosophy has worked well for him in the past, and he has no intentions to change it any time in the near future.

One specific friend that Will grew particularly attached to was a boy named Clayton Bradley Travis, who he met in eighth grade. Brad was two years older than him, being a sophomore at the time, and was an amiable boy that Will met through his brother, Shane. At first, Will wasn't sure how to approach Brad, but with some encouragement from his brother (meaning he was literally dragged and forced to meet the boy) he managed to become good friends with Brad relatively quickly. It was around this time that Will's curiosities had been answered; he was gay. Having already gone through the process of both Reya and Shane claiming to be bisexual, and being greatly accepting in general, Will's parents had no issue accepting their son, and he had no problem coming out to them.

With a bit more 'encouragement' from Shane and a few good words given to Brad by the very same pain (i.e. Shane), it was only about two months after their first meeting, on New Year's Day, that Brad asked Will out on a date. A bit shy, but greatly excited, Will happily jumped on the offer. Their first date went great, without any major glitches, and now Will and Brad have been dating for a total of eight years, being now happily engaged.

Upon graduation, Will moved in with Brad in his apartment in Syracuse. There he attends Syracuse University, where his parents teach, aiming to achieve a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature. Brad attends in order to become a video game designer, and the two often collaborate on certain projects.

Today, they live quietly, peacefully, and happily. Although, sometimes Will believes Fate doesn't quite wish to give him such things. . . .
Avian Physiology

Will has the ability to grow an annoying and cumbersome appendage. One that never leaves his side, or, in this case, back. And, technically speaking, it's not one appendage, but two.

When Atlanteans began to develop their powers, Will developed wings. Large, feathery, bird-like wings. They have a span of twelve feet and can envelop Will's entire body if he wraps them around himself. Due to their size, Will requires a large amount of space in order to take flight, as well as a relatively high amount of momentum. Will's wings allow him to take flight, but they may also serve to protect him by acting as a shield, albeit a rather weak one. Along with this, Will's bones have become hollowed and, with some practice and concentration, Will may be able to morph his fingernails into small, but sharp, claws. Will has also been granted enhanced agility, balance, reflexes and lung capacity. However, as he is still in the early stages of learning to control his ability, he seems more clumsy than when he was a regular human, rather than more skillful. Will can also naturally adjust to high altitudes, but considering he does not yet know how to fly very high, it's a bit useless to him at the moment. Lastly, Will also has the rather random ability of being able to change the color of his feathers. It's more aesthetic than useful, but it could be applied for camouflage or the like.

The downsides of this ability include the fact that Will has absolutely no idea how to control his ability at the moment, so he can be incredibly clumsy when attempting to. His wings also never disappear, so he is forced the conceal them beneath his clothes. On the brightside, they can fold up comfortably without being highly noticeable, but a stray impulse may send his wings bursting out of the back of his shirt, if he's not careful. Alongside this, Will's hollow bones are a bit more fragile than those of humans, so they may break rather easily in comparison.
Writing Sample:
William Lyle Nelson :: Syracuse, New York, USA
Prologue :: Legends Rise

Will weaved his way through the crowd, absentmindedly scribbling thoughts down in a notepad without even bothering to look up. Brad almost had to push people out of the way to keep up, his larger and more muscular form making it difficult to dodge people as well as Will could. After a moment, the wave of pedestrians had been cleared and the two men had entered the parking lot. Brad didn't even bother to remind Will to slow down next time, knowing full well that the younger man wouldn't remember to do so.

"Soon I'm going to have to put a GPS on your phone or something," Brad joked, wrapping his arm around the smaller man's shoulders. The motion caused Will's hand to jerk slightly, creating a small graphite trail across the pad of paper he was writing on. He frowned, pocketing the pad and pencil.

"Not my fault you can't walk," Will replied in a factual tone.

Brad smirked as he walked around the car and opened the passenger-side door. "Just get in," he laughed. He closed the door after Will had sat down and then proceeded over to the driver's side, strapping himself in and turning the key in the ignition.


"So, what would you like for dinner?" The two men had just settled in after arriving back in their apartment, and Brad was sifting through the cupboards in the kitchen.

Will shrugged. "Anything's good. You've yet to make a meal that I haven't liked."

Brad smiled, leaning over and kissing Will's forehead. "Well, I live to impress."

Will smiled as well, returning the kiss before he twisted around and exited the kitchen, heading for the living room. He walked over to the PlayStation 3 sitting next to the fifty-inch flat screen television and turned it on. Grabbing a controller, he took a seat on the couch and watched as the screen lit up. He scrolled through the menu and selected Final Fantasy XIII-2 from the 'Games' menu. As the game started, Will happened to glance out the window and look at the sky.

Something seemed . . . off, somehow.

He stood up, setting the controller on the coffee table, and walked over to the large window, drawing back the curtains to get a good look. The sky looked odd, to say the least. After looking at it for a moment, Will staggered backwards, suddenly feeling rather poor.

"You okay?" Brad questioned, concern in his voice as he noticed the movement.

"Yeah, I'm . . . I'm fine," Will stated, holding his head. In truth, his entire body just felt bad. He was nauseous and he felt weak, and a bit dizzy. He staggered further away from the windowsill, attempting to make his way over to the couch. He tripped and fell, passing out momentarily.

When he came to, his head was on Brad's lap, a warm washcloth on his forehead as he lay on the couch.

"How are you feeling?" Brad asked, his tone laced with concern as he stroked wills hair.

"Like crap," Will stated truthfully. He turned his head and looked out the window. It was raining. "How long have I been out?"

"A couple of hours . . . I was getting seriously worried."

"Don't be," Will sighed, sitting up. He was still a bit nauseous, but he was able to sit and rest his head on Brad's shoulder comfortably. The television was on and the news was playing, and there was a faint aroma of stew emanating from the kitchen.

"Too late, I already am. And," Brad stated, motioning towards the kitchen, "I decided to make stew for tonight, considering you're obviously not feeling too hot. But . . . there's something else," Brad's face turned slightly grim, still mixed with concern. He moved Will gently and lifted up Will's hoodie and shirt, removing them.

"What're you doing?" Will asked, not up for much more than sitting back and relaxing.

"Look at this," Brad said, pointing to Will's back, his tone deceivingly calm. will craned his neck, looking back over his shoulder, eyes widening at what he saw. There was a large, elaborate tattoo covering his back. That, however, was the least shocking of it all. Between the tattoos sprouted two very large, very feathery white wings. "Now, I know you didn't have this last night, and I've been with you all day and I'm fairly certain we didn't enter any tattoo parlors . . . or science labs."

Will just sat there, stunned into silence. That's when he heard the chatter on the news.

"I am Leo Cabrillo, leader of the House of Animalia and member of the Atlantean Royal Family. We are the direct descendants of the original Atlanteans that inhabited the island of Atlantis many thousands of years ago. Today we are here to announce the revival of the Atlantean race. Many of you may start to experience sudden ink markings appearing on your bodies and the manifestation of strange and peculiar abilities. These are of course natural and are identifiers of your long dormant Atlantean heritage. We are now moving into a new era, an era where Human and Atlantean kind can work together in harmony."

Will stared at the television, then glanced back at his tattoo and wings. Brad did the same.

Atlanteans? An ancient race of people with supernatural abilities? It sounded like something out of one of Will's stories.

Brad and Will glanced at each other, thinking the same thing and voicing it at the exact same moment. "Bullsh*t."
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