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@redjacketalchemist: Sure, thanks. Clefable, Starmie, Zoroark, Shuckle for Cacnea, Croagunk, Larvesta.

@Murt: I'm alright with doing a trade back this once. It'll take us like two minutes, saving you some minutes of your life. :P Probopass, Aggron, Gothitelle, Accelgor, Espeon's dex for Bagon and Gligar (do you want a few more?).

1st post: Iloveeevee offered me Meloetta earlier in the trade chatroom. I don't need a Charmander. Tabor gave me the Cohagrigus.
2nd post: Delibird and Octillery for Croagunk and Rotom, then.

@Iloveeevee: Aaawwwweeessome! You should trade more. 8)

@Necrum: Redjacket offered Starmie and Shuckle. I appreciate you posting, though. :)

@Tabor62: You're too kind! stealing trades from others! I would need Mantine, Weavile, Heatmor, Claydol, and Seismitoad from you if my pokemath is correct. :)

PS you all should answer this cool Trade Corner Survey