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    Originally Posted by ganesha View Post
    Now we have story and almost all resources but why aren't we moving any further. Let's make a move to progressing hacks section by the end of this month.
    We will try to but we obviously can't do any events until we have a scripter and I am not a perfect scripter. Also since Progressing Hacks section needs only 4 pics we can show the Title Screen(if anyone is ready to do it),the new start point,the new starters,a 4th/5th gen pokemon in the wild and any new tiles if someone inserts it and we will release the beta at a later point with some major progress. Also guys I have sprited Yveltal in 64*64 so if I can get backsprite from anywhere or I sprite it myself, we can insert Yveltal in the game. If we don't get the backsprite, we can make Yveltal an uncatchable pokemon.

    Here is it:

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