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Here's some updates, got my two boxes today "Terrific Tepig" and "Super Snivy" - just copy and paste from my other Bulbapedia thread:

March 11th 2013 - (first off - I did my "moment of silence" for the all the people that died 2 years ago in the earthquake and tsunami), that out of the way - Recently added:
• "Super Snivy" box
• "Terrific Tepig" box

I have all the 3 Unova starter boxes, just got the other 2 today - "Terrific Tepig" and "Super Snivy" arrived today

I got a few cards to add to my collection, in my main album, I want to have one of each Pokemon from Kanto to (so far on the TCG) Unova. So what am I going to do with the other repeat cards, energy cards, and trainer cards? - I want to wallpaper my room with Pokemon cards

I'm going to add to my collection - according to the way the Pokemon looks like on the card is the reason I choose them:

The other items included in the box, I will find a way to display in my room.

Large 3D cards, I will put them inside sheet protector, cut it to size, and hang on a wall near the plushies

Booster packs included similiar image on the outside, I want to save the image of the packs in a sheet protector (I had to be very carefully opening them), many repeat cards (which I will use to wall paper my room) but also had about 4 new per booster pack for my collection. I like the outside design

3 small figurines - I will add them along with the rest of the other smaller figurines I bought along the years. My PokéWalker from Soul Silver is also next to them.

Edited: Thursday, March 14th:
May not be much, wanted to get a Choroneko or Lepardas card in Japanese, so I bought one of the booster packs from the "Freeze Bolt" and hoped for luck, and I got one with Choroneko. In April, I want to buy the full box.
*sorry, I think I deleted this photo by accident*


Waiting in the mail: I already got e-mail confirmation on estimated arrival date:

Schedule to Arrive on Saturday the 16th Non-Pokemon item, I will use for Pokemon: 6 "9 Pocket Sheet Protectors (packs of 10)" [that would be around 60 sheets - 649 Pokemon, two per side, front and back, I would fill up 36, and about 1/3rd of the front of the 37th sheet]. I already have a 3 ring binder, so just need the protectors to display the cards.

Scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, the 19th
• 5 individual cards - Rattata, Quilava, Riolu, Swanna, and Maractus
• "Black & White Reshiram" Box
• Oshawott plush
• Servine plush
• Pignite plush
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