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I think they've found the right level of badass for the TRio in Episode N. They're getting back to their old selves, but they're actually a decent threat to Satoshi-tachi. I mean we all know Satoshi's going to win, right, and the TRio might get blasted off- but maybe not! who knows! And it's still a struggle for Satoshi-tachi to come out victorious! And their plans are new and improved and different! I'm really enjoying their current approach. And hopefully we'll get more TRio side-plots as things go on. :D They must be doing other things besides follow Satoshi around. Other interesting things, even. And being competent and establishing Rocket control in Isshu and getting in Plasma's way and actually I'm really hoping they get to do even more cool things as Episode N goes on.

Er, so, yeah. The TRio are at a very good stage of badass right now. I hope it will be expanded upon.

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