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    Name: Janice Adams

    Nickname(s): Jenna or Fang

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Jenna is a 175 cm tall, seventeen-year old girl. She wears her long, light-brown hair in a ponytail (Usually with strands of hair sticking out because she fails to tie it all together) and the front of her hair hangs in front of her eyes, with two locks hanging down at the side. Her eyes are deep brown, and are always a little bit narrowed. Being with dragons in the wild almost all her life, she grew small but sharp fangs and she doesn't hesitate to bite if things get ugly for her. This is also the reason why she's nicknamed 'Fang'. She is very slim and agile. She wears simple jeans most of the time, with well-worn sneakers, as they are incredibly comfy and she can move around in them without any physical restrictions. She also wears a black t-shirt with a dark blue bodywarmer over it. On her left shoulder, there is a tattoo of a dragon's head, which she's very attached to.

    Personality: Jenna is considered quirky, odd, and extremely impulsive. She's incredibly cunning and agile, but also very distrustful of anything she doesn't know, and she tends to bite anyone who comes too close without her permission. Other than that, she also has some very childly quirks, especially when it concerns food. The only ones she actually trusts are her Pokémon, and she will never let them down. She's been with dragons her entire life, and thus has a great love for Dragon-Types. Despite being incredibly distrustful of other humans, she will never let another die without trying to save them first. However, if she'd be faced with a choice between a human and a Pokémon, she will always go for the Pokémon, unless the Pokémon's a spider or a snake: she's deathly afraid of those. Jenna's known to deal with anger management issues, and she becomes angry really quickly. The smallest bit of resistance against her might already throw her into a tantrum. As mentioned above, she's deathly scared of spiders and snakes, and refuses to deal with her fears.

    Team on arrival:
    Sapphire (Salamence), Intimidate, Fire Fang/Dragon Claw/Aerial Ace/Dragon Pulse.
    Ruby (Gabite), Rough Skin, Slash/Sandstorm/Dual Chop/Dragon Claw
    Topaz (Axew), Mold Breaker, Outrage/Dragon Claw/Iron Tail/Dragon Pulse
    Crystal (Dragonair), Marvel Scale, Hyper Beam/Outrage/Dragon Rush/Thunderbolt
    Quartz (Altaria), Natural Cure, Dragon Pulse/Wing Attack/Take Down/Aerial Ace
    Azurite (Zweilous), Hustle, Crunch/Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dark Pulse

    History: Jenna originates from Sinnoh, where she lived as part of an ancient culture called the Dragoniers. Together with the other members of the cult, Jenna lived in a gigantic cave inside Mt. Coronet. However, despite all this, Jenna didn't have a happy childhood. Her father left when she was a mere three years old, and her mother tumbled into depression as a result of that. She countered all her feelings to Jenna, who began to think she really was worthless and good for nothing. When her mother eventually died, Jenna didn't feel the slightest bit of sorrow. She was finally free to do whatever she longed for, without being told off or scolded. With incredible determination, she temporarily left the Dragoniers to go on journey and become stronger. Her team equipped with her best childhood friends, the dragons, she set out to pursue true power. Being very cunning and smart, she turned out to be quite the trainer. When she got the invitation for the 'Tournament', she was incredibly glad and went on her way right away. It was the only moment, ever, when she wasn't distrustful of something. She thought she had finally achieved something incredible.

    Brief summary of preparation day: Jenna actually spent the entire day thinking up escape plans and ways to flee the island, throwing tantrums whenever one of her plans prove itself reckless and dangerous. However, she soon realized it would be a very bad idea to escape. Her dragons managed to comfort her (despite having to endure quite some yelling from his owner). Jenna then went to find food and some shelter. She had no idea how she would ever manage to get off this place, but even if she would turn out to be the winner, she wouldn't escape Concello's clutches. Therefore, she decided to wait and see how she would manage, using her wits and agility to keep her alive for the time being.
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