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    I loved having so many gymless towns- it made the region come alive a bit more and kind of gave the sense that there was more going on in the world beyond your personal badge quest. People were living their lives normally with the occasional disruption by some baddies. Life went on. You can easily imagine Hoenn as a whole just continuing on outside of your journey and the major plot events of RSE, and that makes it a very good world. Unova, by contrast- everything centres so much on the player that you can't really imagine anything else going on there. That's partially because of the constant gym cities and partially because of the linearity that Sonkitts touched on above.

    Linearity doesn't make for a good sense of world, if you know what I'm saying. Events coming one after another and being herded along by the plot without getting a chance to choose where you want to be- that doesn't really let you explore what the world around you actually is. In Hoenn you had a huge region to play in and you weren't very restricted. I mean you could save Peeko and get all the way to Route 110 without ever meeting Brawly or Steven (your plot advancement points). In Unova... you couldn't even get into Pinwheel Forest without defeating Lenora, meeting Burgh, and starting the Plasma thing. And then you weren't left alone until you got the Dragonite skull back. Such restricted pathways and forced plot advancement left little fun wandering time, which is what I feel Pokémon is more about. It's a journey, your personal journey. And there should be an element of player choice involved in it.

    So yeah, I think there should be more little towns that aren't focused on the main plot and more areas to explore without feeling obligated to do something. It gives a better sense of world, exploration, and choice.

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