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Guess I'll answer the latest topic.

Since hail teams are not so used in OU, what do you think about hail teams? What kind of updates should they make to make it competitive?

I'm not the best competitive player, but Hail teams do have a nice niche such as being able to fire off powerful 100% accurate Blizzards, and some Ice-types have abilities that benefit from hail, such as Walrein's Ice Body and Froslass's Snow Cloak. Also including Pokemon with Magic Guard on the team can add to the extra diversity needed to deal with types Ice otherwise couldn't. Walrein is such a beast in hail, having the neat Ice Body for a little healing, combined with Leftovers make it hard to take down due to its good HP. Froslass and Glaceon are also some pretty deadly players due to their high Special Attack making Blizzard hit really hard, on top of getting STAB. Hail teams can be very strong when played correctly.
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