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Meenah and Roxy. <33 Actually Rika, I think I need more songs to add to that list. I mean seriously, Gunner made me like Savior of the Dreaming Dead a little more than Savior of the Waking World in a few minutes, so I think that my playlist is still subject to change. By a lot. XD; Probably not counting Unite Synchronization though! That track is still amazing as hell.

What are your favorite Homestuck pairs of every kind?
For matespritship / the flushed quadrant I'll probably go with Kanaya ♥ Rose just because I really enjoyed their moments of interaction, and Kanaya really shines as a character whenever she's involved with Rose in anything, and vice versa. :3 Dirk ♥ Roxy doesn't sound half bad, either. ;D

As for moirallegiance / the ashen quadrant, Equius ♦ Nepeta by far was the most entertaining. XD; Despite having Nepeta as a patron troll I never really liked her as much as Kanaya and co. until I realized how adorable she is, particularly when she's talking to Equius and with them keeping each other in line. It's really cute.

Third would be a hard pick, and reading Rika's mention of Jade ♣ past!Karkat / future!Karkat and their funny ashen quadrant antics made it even harder! D: I said it was a hard pick considering Kanaya's many attempts at auspisticism (Eridan and Vriska, Vriska and Tavros, Gamzee and Karkat, oh and Karkat and Dave), but I'm gonna have to go with the last one just because it made the Act 6 intermissions even more memorable. :P This page sums it up. Beware since that link leads to Act 6 Intermission 2 spoilers! Just in case you're not there yet.

Kismessisitude though would be a coin toss between Jack ♠ Queen and PM ♠ BN. And maybe Karkat with himself somewhere in there. I don't really know. The thing is, from what I've seen, the caliginous quadrant is the most messed up among the quadrants for me. So unless it leads to an epic showdown between the two people, I don't really find myself enjoying the quadrant and its weirdness in troll romance overall. :\
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