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Misha Vedernikov - Atlantean Relief Centre, Warsaw, Poland

October 31st, 2012
"My name is Misha, not Visha," he said, pulling the car out into the street, unphased by the now broken window, "and how can you break my neck vhen you are dead? Silly girl."

The streets of Poland were rather mild, though it was a Wednesday. People were either at work or still taking 'sick days' to recover from the shock from either being Atlantean or being related to or a friend of one. Misha wasn't entirely sure where they were going yet since he wasn't sure if Annie knew he had the girl or if she approved of his methods. So, at the moment, he would have to stick with driving around for a little bit.

"I have question for you," he looked out the window and noticed a fast food chain of some sort. His stomach rumbled in response. He had already eaten two breakfasts, was it already first lunch time? "Two questions. Vhy did you go to Centre if you vere going to run avay? And are you hungry, little girl?"

Frederick Salusbury - Atlantean Relief Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

October 31st, 2012
"Yes, mister, I am busy, what is it that you want?"

What did he want? What did he want... Well, what he was sent here to do was to take one of those girls. What he wanted to do was be at home with real feet and twist and curl them in socks instead of funky goat hooves where he felt like he only had two toes. Or two really big toenails. Okay, well, what did he say to this person, who was one of the heads of the ARF? Did he confront her? In English? He didn't know much Swedish, he was an English professor! Argh! Why was he sent here?!

"Um, hello, but... I, uh... um... where is the bathroom?" was literally the first phrase that came into his head. Why hadn't he learned more than this? He really needed some kind of back up. "Yes... um... I have trouble walking."

The Librarian - A Taxi Cab, Honolulu, Hawaii

October 30th, 2012
"Alright, Henry. I'll go with you. But on one condition: Don't make me step foot in this ****ing city ever again."

"I can do that for you. I'll tick Hawaii off our Christmas fun holiday trip," he gave a laugh and when James didn't, he gave him a sympathetic smile. "That was a joke. Anyway, if you close the door, we'll be off. There's one place we must stop before I take you to my home. I have to pick up my daughter from school."

James complied and as soon as the door shut, there was a loud snap, as if many people had clapped their hands together at the same time, and suddenly, they weren't in Kansas anymore. They weren't in Hawaii anyore either. In fact, they had teleported directly to London, outside the square which housed the Relief Centre. When the Librarian stepped out of his car, it was no longer the yellow taxi cab and he was no longer wearing the shabby clothes of a dirty and dingy driver, but was standing next to an very nice looking Volvo and was dressed smartly, as if he had just come from a dinner party somewhere.

"Do you like action movies, James? The ones with bright lights, smoke machines and explosions?" he gave his guest a coy smile. "I've been in a few movies myself. Did you see Die Hard 2? I was the guy flying the plane. It was a real experience!"

??? - Atlantean Relief Centre, London, England

October 31st, 2012

"Adeline Russo."

"And your ability?" She put her hands face up on the table, clapped them together and created a string that greatly resembled a spider's web.

"Thank-you. You can proceed to the next room."

The time was finally right. She didn't waste any time finding her target and approaching him immediately. He was sitting next to a young girl, but she rudely interrupted whatever they had between them.

"Are you Nathaniel Calaway?" the girl with the dark hair and gothic look said, as smoke began to fill the room and explosions started going off. This would not deter her from her duty.
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