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    ∣ "Solo"
    Dorm Room

    Chapter Three: Part One
    The Bond

    Effect: Asprin 1/3

    Come on, Solo. Time to get up.

    The soothingly soft voice seemed to beckon him to wake, and as he attempted to move he found every muscle tensed up and burned like a pain he'd never felt before. "Amelia... Go on without me..." His gentle mumbling was just barely audible, his eyes shut as if he were in some sort of dream... Or nightmare. He slowly opened his eyes, his head throbbing in some of the most intense pain he'd ever known; the worst migraine yet, it seemed. "Ugghhh..." Regaining a human-like shape (with the addition of his wolf ears and tail) he slowly sat up... On Fruity's bed. Eva was immediately beside him, and for once... He hadn't flinch at someone in his personal space.

    It took a short moment for Solo to find that great little pill and he immediately took it and crunched it in his mouth, grimacing at the taste (as you're not supposed to bite into them) but swallowing nonetheless. He downed about half of the water in the given glass before putting it back down. His exhausted panting dying very slowly. After a few moments of pure silence, Solo bean to remember what exactly had happened; and put together the missing pieces. "You've saved me... Again," he concluded, almost sounding in shock. He sort of just sat there for a moment in disbelief. "I..." His voice was definitely softened at the moment, a powerful voice reduced to a whisper. "I don't think I'll ever be able to repay you... But you have my word that I'll try. I... I trust you."

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