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Hi there. I was interested in 2 Thick Clubs.

Shiny starters I bred myself:
lvl 1 Shiny Treecko hasty (egg move- crunch)
lvl 1 Shiny Squirtle calm (egg move- aqua jet)
lvl 1 Shiny Chikorita bold (egg move leech seed)

lvl 1 Shiny Shinx adamant (egg move- ice fang, fire fang)
lvl 1 Shiny Tyrogue mild
lvl 7 Shiny Mareep modest
lvl 29 Shiny Hoppip timid
lvl 3 Shiny Zigzagoon adamant
lvl 54 Shiny Altaria timid
lvl 22 Shiny Ditto adamant
lvl 1 Shiny Mawile Docile

Shiny WIN2011 Suicune, Raikou, & Entei
Shiny 10JAHRE Articuno
10JAHRE Pikachu, lax
10 ANIV Celebi, sassy

Thank you and great thread!

UPDATE: You can disregard this post. I was able to get what I needed.
FC: 2165 - 5516 - 7685

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