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    Breeding Request:

    Pokemon: Slugma
    Nickname: Slughorn
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Calm (I want to raise Sp.def and lower Atk. Is that the right one?)
    Ability: Flame Body
    Egg moves: Acid Armor
    Desired IVs: 31/--/31/--/31/-- (Doesn't need to be exactly those, as long as they are high I'm happy)
    Pokerus: No

    I don't have any spetecular EMMs, but I do have quite a few DWFs that are not listed on your post (Vulpix, Poliwag, Slowpoke, Grimer, Lickitung, Togepi, Spiritomb, Snover and Zangoose). If you don't want any of those I can work on an EMM somewhat cool.
    And if you want I can give you all of those DWFs as donations.
    Also, I noticed you don't have the Egg move listed on your head post, if you want to I can give you the EMM for that and you manipulate the rest, deal?
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