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Delta Mayor -
- Warsaw, Poland
"My name is Misha, not Visha," For some reason he didn't he comment on the broken window, how odd, "and how can you break my neck vhen you are dead? Silly girl."

“How vill you kill me vhen you have a broken neck, Visha?” Delta folded her arms and shifted in her seat.

The view from the broken window wasn’t very nice, she didn’t really like coming to the capitol it was a dull place. Most of it was tall buildings, taller buildings, and restaurants that had bright signs to attract tourists. The breeze blew the beads at the end of her braids, which caused them to make sounds. She hadn’t had time to change the coloring; red in the front, orange in the middle, and yellow in the back was the way it was currently was. Delta smoothed her hair down, and felt her face for her several piercings. Her golden hoop in her right eyebrow, her silver hoop on the right corner of her lip, and the small butterfly nose ring were all still intact.

"I have question for you," Misha stated, he had a lot of questions. Did his friends not share information with him? Or had she just assumed wrongly? She still needed some information from this guy. "Two questions. Vhy did you go to Centre if you vere going to run avay? And are you hungry, little girl?"

“Do you just kidnap random individuals? How come you don’t already know my name? Do you know anything about me?” Delta instead posed her own questions because now she couldn’t wait to have her questions answered. Her stomach grumbled, maybe she was hungry after all, “We should get something to eat.”

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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