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    Field of the Fallen
    The man sighed and responded. "They may have quickened the pace, though there were more fatalities than needed... With the deaths of most of the fire types, other pokemon are going to rush for the territory while they are still weak. Whats more, is its going to cause a large shift in the pokemon's migration pattern..." He glanced at Alpha with eyes most deep and sharp. "... And if it was your trainers life on the line, then you could have at least moved him let alone, take him from the battle field..." The eevee taking steps towards Charlie vanished into dust. Before Charlie could react, he was kicked, hard on his side along his arm that carried his spoon, sending him flying towards a meteorite and smashing his body against the stone, the Eevee performed an attack without an order as it stood resilient. "... Or created a barrier to hold him in place from all harm..." As Charlie climbed from the rubble the Eevee spit its tongue out at charlie before it vanished once more. ".. Instead, you chose to fight... I don't have an issue with fighting for your survival or participating in the turf war... My issue is the death count..." The Eevee sat atop of a red meteorite stone with a big grin and began taunting Charlie "Which leads me to my next question... Your pokemon, the Kadabra does not follow orders... He does not control his temper... He does not show you respect..." The masked elite stepped forth and stood in front of Jack As the Eevee vanished once more, preparing its next brutal attack. "If he does respect his trainer, then why is he your pokemon at all?..." The man glanced at Alpha once more and sighed before turning his head towards Charlie. "Unless he learns to listen to reason and respect his opponents, regardless of their strength or element or life, then his power and talents are purely wasted... He won't even survive the first rounds to the finals, irregardless of which conference you participate in... Say what you wish, though every elite will tell you the same." The Eevee attacks once more, smashing its hind legs into Charlie, causing him to cry out in pain and drop his spoon. The eevee hops off, grasps the spoon in its jaws and toss it towards the Elite, who catches it. "Have you seen the Green Exile as of late?... The only reason I'm here in Lethia is that were hunting him down... He seems to have gotten back in." He asks before tossing the spoon to his side.

    East Cliffs
    The boys and their teams pause a moment to catch their breaths though it does not last long. The flaming tree is tossed aside by the two Onyx's strength as they charge on. "Being -pant- chased rock pokemon, trying to cheer up the depressed Avaith, the usual... Where are you? There's something I found that may be of great interest to you.." Irek hops down and dashes South. "THIS WAY!" He cried as he lead the team off of the surface and ducks them into a cave. The rock pokemon ignore them as they continue their charge east. "Now whats happened?" Irek asks himself aloud. took the time to catch his breath and sigh.

    Moon Rise Evolution
    As Xavier entered the grove, there were a few bulbasaur around as their bulbs were glowing for evolution. As the daylight shined, they were bound to evolve by tonight as Xavier took his rest. The bulbasaurs started conversing amongst one another in the broad daylight.

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