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I agree with Syd that "# Generation Games" sounds boring but the nicknames aren't necessarily intuitive to everyone and I don't think anyone calls 4th or 5th gen by a nickname? If they do, I certainly don't know what it is so if we changed those games to match the previous gens down the line, I think it would confuse a lot of people who aren't familiar with the terminology. :/
Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
I'm more concerned with this: why are the forums for the main-series Pokémon games separate?


This makes the absolute most sense (and how it used to be, if I remember correctly). Move all of the main series games into a category in a logical order of most recent - least recent, and then move the forums that are from alternative Pokémon gaming to a category of their own. That way, the Pokémon main series discussion forums are all in a neat, easy to find area near each other. Why separate old generations from the most up-to-date generation?

General Pokémon Gaming Discussions -> Alternative Pokémon Gaming
Description: For players who extend their Pokémon gaming experience well past the general adventures the game provides.
ie: Players who trade, battle, competitive battle, and play the games with challenges in mind.
The problem I have with it is that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense (to me) to split up the current games and Trading/Battling. And later, it won't make any sense to have those forums hidden in a totally different category from X/Y because it just confuses people who have come to PC just to discuss and play those games. It might look nicer to people who are here quite often but I don't think it's as functional.

Maybe splitting it the way we used to have it, with the wifi functions in their own category:

Main Games
- Pokemon X/Y
- Generation 5
- Generation 4
- Generation 3
- Generation 1&2

Wireless Stuff
- Trade Corner
- Battle Centre

General Gaming
- PKMN Gaming Central
- Spinoffs
- Challenges

It gives us two fairly small categories but it would keep things fairly obvious. :/ (Note I've obviously not given the names of any forums any thoughts, haha.) Wifi is still separate from the generations that use it but at least it isn't tucked away with forums that have literally nothing to do with it and in its own category, it'll still stand out.

The only problem I have with Nick's second category idea is that it isn't very intuitive to me. You've got Gaming Central which is kind of how you talk about all the generations at once, so shouldn't that go in the category with all of them as its catch-all? Then if we're categorizing everything else as "adventures past what the game has to offer", Spinoffs doesn't really work with that description--it wouldn't make sense in either of the categories anymore but if I had to pick, I'd probably think it fits in better with the main games as a second kind of catch-all forum. And that leaves Wifi and Challenges which make for a pretty small category as well as a maaassive games category. :[

Honestly, I kind of like how it is now. I remember the main reason that the setup was switched to "Current Gaming" was to keep Wifi next to whatever current generations there are. Plus, as more and more generations crop up, that main category will get really crowded. Keeping just the most relevant generations in there, plus whatever wifi functions they have, makes it really easy to find what you're looking for if all you want to do is discuss the latest Pokemon games.

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