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James Hazen- ???
October 31st 2012

One clap. One single clap of the hands was all it took, and James found himself in a location he no longer recognized. He looked out the window from inside the cab, still unwilling, or perhaps unable, to get out of the car, mainly due to shock at what happened. As he observed the streets and the people moving in them, a few thoughts rushed through his mind, some of them about his whereabouts, but most of them centering around Henry. The most obvious burning question was just who the hell did he get in a cab with? Earlier, he was able to control the direction of the car without even touching it. Now, he moved them all the way to what James soon found out was in England somewhere because of a passerby displaying his accent as he talked on his cell phone. (though he supposed it would be called mobile here). The initial thought that ran through James's mind was that the man's ability revolved around cars, and perhaps he could extend his ability to do much with them. But as James stepped out of the vehicle and saw that Henry was now in a completely different set of clothes, he knew that wasn't it. James had heard some news about Atlanteans before during his three weeks of discovery. The main thing being that each Atlantean had a single ability. However, with James, it appeared not to be the case. At least, that's what it seemed like for now. Whoever this man really was, James was sure of one thing, he was a pretty big f*cking deal.

"Uh, yea sure." James said distractedly to him about his action movie question. He had a lot more other questions on his mind. "Hey, just where the f*ck are we, exactly? And how the hell did we ge-" Mid-sentence, James was suddenly cut short by a intense, brilliant light that covered the street. James closed his eyes and covered his face with his arm, wondering what just happened. "F*CK!" James shouted, his eyes blurry and stinging from the light. It stayed on strong for a few more moments, before it slowly began to fade As the light receded, James could see that the traces of its origin apparently coming from the building next to them. "What the...what was that?!" James demanded of Henry, turning to him, expecting him to have that answer. He wasn't certain if the light had originated from something of Henry's doing, but James felt for some reason that the man was involved somehow. He had no other basis to go by at the moment.

Before the man could answer, though, James turned back to the building by the sounds of screams of people vacating from the building. They came out panicking, some bleeding from parts of their body. All determined to get as far away from the place as possible. This obviously caused people on the street to also panic, some trying to move away from the area, others dialing on their phones, either for the police or for other source. Cars were either stopped looking at what had happened or speeding away. James simply stood there, wondering what he should do. His heart was beating like a drum and his breath was short, as if he had just ran a few miles. Adrenaline was flowing through his body, fear, panic and confusion among the highest emotions running through his mind at the moment. Yet for some reason, it wasn't as visible to him on the outside as he would have expected. Though James has had no opportunity before in his life to be in a situation like this, he expected that his body would react a bit differently, maybe tremble, or show some sign of fear. James lifted one of his hands from his side and looked over it. No signs of shaking, not even a slight tremble. It was steady. What did it mean? Maybe it was the other set of emotions running through his body, counting any fear or anxiety or panic he may have had.

Exhilaration. Fascination. Enthrallment. James always did find that that which he found exciting was unusual. Calm, tranquil environments like his hometown was what he wanted to escape from. And whether Henry knew it or not, he had brought him right where he had wanted to. Well, not exactly right where. He wanted to get just a bit closer...

Not waiting to hear anything from Henry, James took off for the building. While many people flooded to escape outside, James was one of the few trying to get inside. He had no idea what to expect, and he didn't care. Life was nothing without a bit of chaos to making it interesting.

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