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After reading this thread, and giving things a bit more thought (more like, reading Erica's post more closely lmao), I really like her layout of things. I mean for example, if I was a new user (and I would assume in the eyes of many new users), I would just want to go to where I was interested in right away instead of looking around forever and a day for it. The current layout definitely makes sense, don't get me wrong, and I haven't seen anything wrong with it, or anyone complain about it or anything like that, but I suppose I like Erica's layout because it increases efficiency.

Of course, there's always the problem of more and more Pokemon games coming out and the Main Pokemon Games forum getting larger and larger. And then some are going to get inactive, kind of like how Black/White was when Black 2/White 2 was released. I personally like how the staff kind of merges forums together for the sake of space, as well as activity/general relevancy, because that maximizes efficiency as well, and you're generally hitting multiple birds with one stone here.

I mean, I see this as only a problem in the long term, because I don't know of h-staff are going to keep merging forums every single time a certain generation becomes irrelevant to current discussion, and there comes a point where the merging would just look tacky, but unfortunately I don't really have much to suggest. :( I guess this is my tl;dr, don't know if it'll mean much.

If my post doesn't make sense, I'll be happy to clarify. I feel like I really badly worded this post, but we'll see. xD;

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