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Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
Which Blend energies are you using in there?
I was gonna use Psychic, Grass, Fire, and Dark.
Here is another updated list. Let me know how we are doing.

2x Turtwig (PS)
1x Grotle (PS)
2x Torterra (PS)
1x Snivy (BC)
1x Serperior (BW)
2x Mewtwo EX
1x Terrakion EX
1x Terrakion (BW71)
1x Sigilyph (ability)
1x Bouffalant (DE)

3x Hypnotoxic Lasers
2x Virbank City
3x N
2x Professor Juniper
2x Skyla
2x Cheren
1x Computer Search (Ace Spec)
3x Escape Rope
2x Eviolite
3x Rare Candy
2x Giant Cape
2x Switch
2x Energy Search
1x Great Ball

3x DCE
10x Grass
4x Fighting
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