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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
No, having 'Other' or 'General' in front of everything is boring.
I don't disagree there. :(
It's much more organized this way. And to be honest, having Wifi near the current gen was helpful.... back in 2007 when it was new. It's not like people are still getting used to using Wifi to trade anymore.
But it's not about whether it's new and confusing anymore, it's about being able to find it in an instant. It is not intuitive to have discussion directly related to the current generation--be it 5th Gen right now or X/Y in a few months--in a separate category from the forum specifically for that generation. If I'm playing the newest game that just came out, when I look up the forum for that game, Wifi should be really close to it. If not, it should be in a section that makes it stand out (ie, its own category). Wifi isn't really "Alternative". It's a core feature of the games and, arguably, one of the main reasons to seek out forums like PC. It should never be pushed into an "Alternative" section because call it what you will, Alternative is just another word for Other/General and the new way would treat it solely as a catch-all for things not in the main series. And Wifi IS the main series so I don't naturally make the connection that it would belong there.

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