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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
No, having 'Other' or 'General' in front of everything is boring.

The Alternative Discussions part fixes this, though.

Current gen gaming:

-Gen 4
-Gen 3
-Gen 1&2


Trade Corner
Battle Center
GPGD stuff

It's much more organized this way. And to be honest, having Wifi near the current gen was helpful.... back in 2007 when it was new. It's not like people are still getting used to using Wifi to trade anymore.
This would help too, I suppose, but what about the issue of the Main Series forum getting too big? Of course, D/P And HG/SS were merged into one forum and moved, and the same happened with Black and White/ Black and White 2, but I still see this as kind of a problem, which is why I kind of came up with this:

And before reading over this, I did kind of change the names around a bit, really. I'll be fair and honest with you: I liked Adventures in Unova for fifth gen. I'm of the opinion that you should add some personality to your forums, make it more exciting and fun to post in. It sounds stupid to some of us that a simple forum name would have an effect, but you'd be surprised. It's already pretty much proven because a lot of people here seem to be dissatisfied with the prospect of "# Generation Games". So let's change that around a bit, shall we?

Also, note that I realize that, if Unova gets this change, then I am aware that every single Pokemon-related forum pretty much gets the same treatment, which may be hard for those who aren't the most creative ever at coming up with names, but I'll do my best. ^^;

Main Series Pokemon Games

- Pokemon X and Pokemon Y - I'm leaving this forum as it is because obviously there's no information on the region name or anything about the games as of yet, so it's hard to come up with something remotely creative or fun or anything like that.
- Adventures in Unova! - Pretty much already stated why!
- Replaying the Remakes - Not a while lot of people would get the pun, but this is in reference to both HG/SS and FireRed and Leafgreen. Upon reading this, a lot of you are going to look at me like I'm freaking nuts. But you have to remember that the more Pokemon games that come out, the more the higher staff would have to merge things around, and I assume that merging can get exhausting at times, and a lot of things are taken into consideration before doing so, y'know? HG/SS and FR/LG are both remakes respectively, and the biggest problem I have with this is the hypothetical situation of other remakes of other generations occuring, which imo is extremely unlikely because other than the Ruby/Sapphire remakes everyone wants, I don't see any other remakes coming for a loooong time. This is an excellent way to condense remakes into one forum, keeping things neat, tidy, and organized.


Another potential problem I have with this is that both HG/SS and FR/LG are two completely different generations. For those of us who are OCD with organization, that might be an annoying bug that'll we'll never squash, so to speak, so that would require making one forum for FR/LG and another one for HG/SS...but then again, why? HG/SS nor FR/LG are current, so regardless of whether or not they're separate generations, I personally feel that the fact that they're remakes is more than enough to warrant them getting a forum together.

I mean, you don't see Spinoffs being separated by generations, right? They're all pretty much crammed into one forum.

The third Generation forum could be named something like...I dunno, Hot weather in hoenn or something stupidly punny like that, as long as it sounds fun and it has some sort of ring to it within the games. Sorry lol, I'm just getting really lazy with names now. u_u But I hope a lot of you understand where I'm coming from.

Just to reiteration, this solution: A) Keeps things tidy and organized and B) Kind of eliminates the need for constant merging, allowing discussion for various main series games to stay in one forum, and if any kind of merging is necessary, it's pretty rare.

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