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    I did like this feature in the past generation of games, so I wouldn't mind if they brought it back~ Oh, by the way, maybe they can give you a variety of items, or TMs, really. Let's say you've met someone, and they've followed you around a bit. Depending on the situation, you might be asked to do something special for them, as an optional sidequest, like, to defeat a wild Onix or something. They can give you various rewards upon completion!

    This was a different topic that's relatible to this thread, but:

    What if there was a chance that, say, your companion falls in love with you? There can be... interesting stories with that, say, if you have a good enough friendship with them, they can help you battle against the evil team more, or, perhaps there is a certain mechanic with having them around like, having a better chance to say, find "pink" pokemon like Jigglypuff, etc, etc.

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